Community 2

Community Reports are designed to provide feedback to EMIS study participants and to gay, bisexual, transgender and other MSM. They are available for download in all the 25 European languages used for EMIS. The 2nd Community Report was prepared by a team of Collaborating Partners led by Mick Quinlan from the Gay Men's Health Service (GMHS), HSE, Ireland. The EMIS partners involved in producing this report included:

  • Mick Quinlan (GMHS,HSE, Ireland)
  • Susan Donlon & Daniel McCartney (Gay Health Network, Ireland)
  • Antons Mozalevskis (Mozaika, Latvia)
  • Ekaterina Shmykova (PSI, Russia)
  • Marianella Kloka (Positive Voice, Greece)
  • Todd Sekuler (Berlin Social Science Research Center, Germany)
  • Axel J. Schmidt & Ulrich Marcus (Robert Koch Institute, Germany)

The report was designed by: Maurice Farrell, funded by GMHS and GHN (Ireland), and published in July, 2011.