21st EMIS article is on Transactional Sex

The 21st EMIS article to be published is called Supply and demand among European men who have sex with men (MSM) in the context of local laws. The author version was published in December 2014 in the International Journal of Sexual Health. 

Transactional sex (TS) is generally defined as the trading of sex for material goods. Rigmor Berg, Axel J. Schmidt, and Peter Weatherburn examined variations in the socio-demographic profiles of MSM engaging in TS by payment direction (buying/selling), cast within the broader context of prostitution laws. About 12% of respondents reported engaging in TS in the past year. TS was associated with laws, age, education, employment, and residence. The authors conclude that the striking socio-demographic differences in TS by payment direction suggest a power differential and a leading role of socio-economic factors in TS. Another article on TS, which looks more into sexual health aspects among escorts and clients, is currently being drafted.