All-Ireland report #2 (Man2Man: Living with HIV)

The 10th All Ireland Annual Gay Health Forum took place Friday 8th June at Dublin Castle.  The Forum marks the publication of the National HIV Prevention Programme for MSM: “We’re worth respecting” on HIV Related Stigma, and the publication of the Man2Man Report 2: Living with HIV.

Living with HIV in Ireland
This second report focuses on the EMIS survey respondents who indicated that they had tested positive for HIV. In total, 143 men indicated that they were living with HIV in the 2010 survey, representing 5.5% of the Irish sample. This represents the largest ever all-Ireland sample of gay, bisexual, and other MSM living with HIV. Previous all-Ireland surveys between 2000 and 2008 each yielded an average of 28 respondents living with HIV, thereby not allowing for any meaningful analysis or recommendations. The aim of this second report is to provide insight into five of the key issues faced by gay, bisexual and other MSM living with HIV in Ireland: testing positive; monitoring and treatment; sex lives; relationships and disclosure; and HIV-related stigma.
The 2011 annual report for the GMHS was also published today.