Eighth EMIS English language journal article published

At the end of August 2013 the eighth English-language EMIS journal article was published in HIV Medicine. The paper is called Who are the men who have sex with men in Spain that have never been tested for HIV? and is by Percy Fernández-Dávila and others. It uses the 13,111 respondents living in Spain to describe the sociodemographic profile of MSM who have never been tested for HIV and to analyse factors associated with never having been tested. The quarter (26%) who had never been tested for HIV were significantly more likely to live in a settlement with fewer than 100,000 inhabitants, be younger than 25, have a lower educational level, be a student, and identify themselves as bisexual. The authors suggest that most of them were men who were hard to reach (young, bisexual, in the closet) and that  interventions in Spain should aim to improve access to, and the convenience of testing.