Final Report available soon

March 11, 2013: Here is a follow-up to the lengthy process of publishing the EMIS final report. 

Background: On 13 September 2011, the day EMIS project's funding ended,Draft 1 of the EMIS final report was submitted to the main funder (EAHC), but was rejected a few days later. After substantial feedback, involving two anonymous external reviewers (feedback received on 24 February 2012), draft 2 was submitted to EAHC on 10 May 2012. On 13 June 2012, EAHC rejected the report again (See News entry from 12 June, 2012
Follow up: After months of discussion regarding the inclusion of the aforementioned chapter written by ECDC, draft 3, again including the ECDC chapter, was submitted to EAHC on 7 September 2012, and to ECDC for further revision on 12 October 2012. The ECDC revision was returned on 21 December 2012, and the Associated Partners submitted draft 4 on 11 January 2013. On 11 March 2013, ECDC informed EMIS that the design and printing process has been initiated. The EMIS final report will be available in English only, will report on 38 countries, and will be based on the whole European data set.