Malta: IUSTI Europe Certificate of Merit

For a presentation on "Vulnerability to Hepatitis-B among men who have sex with men (MSM) in 40 European cities" in Malta on 20 September 2014, EMIS has been awarded the IUSTI Europe Certificate of Merit, "in recognition of a commendable contribution in promoting understanding in the field of sexually transmitted infections across the continent of Europe."
EMIS data onĀ 52,430 men living in 40 European cities showed that a median of 49.7% were vulnerable to hepatitis-B, ranging from less than 30% in Zurich and Amsterdam to more than 70% in Tallin, Bucharest, Moscow, Sofia, Belgrade, and Kiev. At city level, vulnerability was associated with younger average age (R2=66.4%) and more concealment of sexual orientation (R2=64.0%). At an individual level, compared to respondents living in Zurich (and adjusting for age, education, outness, HIV-diagnosis, the number of sexual partners, and recruitment) MSM in half of the cities had an 2- to 8-fold higher odds of vulnerability to hepatitis-B (p<0.001).