Second EMIS English language journal article published

On 26 November 2012 the second English-language journal article on EMIS was accepted for publication in Social Science & Medicine. The paper shows that  structural and environmental factors are associated with internalised homonegativity in MSM. Internalised homonegativity refers to a gay person’s negative feelings about homosexuality and is believed to stem from negative societal stereotypes and attitudes towards homosexuality. Five variables were significantly and negatively associated with internalised homonegativity: being exposed to HIV/STI information for MSM, access to HIV testing, access to STI testing, access to condoms, and experience of gay-related hostility. In turn, men who had tested for HIV in the past year evidenced lower internalised homonegativity.  Results show that one insidious consequence of society’s stigma toward homosexuals is the internalisation of that stigma by gay and bisexual men themselves, thus, drawing attention to the importance of promoting social equity for self-acceptance around gay identity in building a positive sense of self.