Research questions and covered items

The EMIS questionnaire is structured by four questions (research priorities):

  • What are the levels and distributions of sexual HIV/STI exposure and transmission facilitators?
  • What are the levels and distributions of unmet (prevention) needs of MSM?
  • What is the population coverage / what are the biases of prevention interventions?
  • What information is needed to compare samples and target interventions?

As to research priority number one, the EMIS questionnaire covers all six core indicators (#1-6) and nine of ten population-specific indicators for MSM (#7-15) suggested by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

  1. Numbers of sex partners in the last 12 months
  2. Use of condom at last (anal) intercourse, separate for steady vs. non-steady partners
  3. Tested for HIV, ever and in the last 12 months; year and result of the last test
  4. Having paid for sex in the last 12 months; use of condoms at last paid intercourse
  5. Level of education (ISCED); nationality/‘origin’, sexual orientation (Kinsey modified classification)
  6. Knowledge (identify ways of preventing sexual HIV transmission, reject major misconceptions)
  7. Age at 1st sex
  8. Recent STIs
  9. Condom use with different types of partners
  10. Exposure to risk (last 12 months)
  11. Recency and result of hepatitis C test
  12. Types of drugs consumed
  13. Proportion on treatment
  14. (Detectable or undetectable) viral load
  15. CD4 count (at diagnosis)

To balance questions on behavioural surveillance with items needed for prevention planning, including needs for policy and structural interventions, EMIS also included the following question areas needed to cover priorities two and three above:

  1. Knowledge (transmission, risks, non-risk, safe condom use, PEP)
  2. Problems related to alcohol and recreational drug use, types of drugs and recency of drug use
  3. Barriers to early treatment
  4. Vaccination and circumcision
  5. HIV-related discrimination
  6. Anti-gay violence / Homophobia
  7. Access to gay-specific information
  8. Access to and experience with condoms
  9. Access to testing (HIV/STI)
  10. Used HIV/STI testing sites, service performance regarding MSM
  11. Relationships
  12. Loneliness and friendships
  13. Sexual happiness
  14. Idea of the best sex life
  15. The sexiest man on the planet

A pdf version of the English language version of the questionnaire is available for download. Individuals and organisations are welcome to use individual questions, or the whole questionnaire, on the understanding that they credit the EMIS project in any written outputs arising from their use. The other 24 language versions are available on request.